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paint the walls

Paint the walls & Freshen up your home

This time we’ve decided to share some personal experience from a few days back. If you read one of our latest blogs, you must remember that we’ve given some ideas of how to freshen up your home during the lockdown. Well, we have taken the idea one step further...

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coronavirus house prices

How will Coronavirus affect UK house prices?

Buying a house is already stressful enough, especially when you are buying for the first time. As a result, the current Coronavirus is certainly not what you needed right now. Many of you who have been planning to buy a property in the near future might wonder what to...

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upgrade your home

Top 8 tips to upgrade your home

Moving to a new home is always very time consuming and also pretty expensive. However, due to the COVID-19, most of us most stay at home which gives us plenty of free time. So, if you have that extra time, it’s a great opportunity to upgrade your home, weather...

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move house safely

COVID-19 – How to move house safely?

Although the newest Coronavirus is challenging us, some people still can’t choose not to move. In this really stressful time of the year it’s essential that our customers feel safe to move with us. As a result, apart from our brief update this morning, we have decided to write...

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overloaded van

Overloaded van – signs, dangers and penalties

Whenever you buy a van, you must be aware of what weight does the van allowed to carry. Weather you use the van as a carrier or as a removal, you need to know your van. This is important for health and safety reasons. As a result, authorities are...

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