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types of houses

What types of houses are there in the UK?

If you are about to move into your first home, you need to know the different types of properties that are on the market. All of them have their pros and cons, and as a result not all types would fit all taste. Last but not least, there can...

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buying a house in the uk

Buying a house in the UK

Buying a house in the UK – as well as anywhere else, is never cheap. However there are some solutions that helps you save money and spend less. The government offers many housing schemes which can be a huge help when deciding to take that big step forward. Buying...

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how to start a house removal company

How to start a house removal company?

Having your own business is one of the best things to do. You are your own boss, you make the rules, you decide if you want to work on a day or not. Of course it’s not always easy, however that’s a different story for a different blog. Now,...

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places to keep your pets in

Top places to keep your pets in when moving

When moving a house you don’t only need to pay attention to the removals and packing, but to your loved ones too. The loads of people around, the noise, seeing that the home is getting empty is really scary. Not just for the little ones but for the pets,...

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cheapest houses in uk

Cheapest houses in UK – Top buying tips

Moving a house is always expensive. It’s not just the property that costs a lot, but to the solicitors, removals and sometimes storage can be expensive too. However, of course the house price is the one that weights the most in the scale. No wonder why so many people...

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