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house removal

House Removal – How to do it with professionals?

Many of our customers haven’t used a professional removal company before. They are stressed as it’s new for them and they don’t know what to do. At the same time, they want to make sure that everything goes well on the day. As a result, they often ask, how...

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rubbish removal

Rubbish Removal – Choose the right company

If you are a person like me, who saves every single item because ‘it’s gonna be useful later’ than you must have a place full of random items, just like I do, which you will never use again. As a result, every now and again we have a heartbreaking...

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removals charge

Why do removals charge for dismantling?

Removal prices vary from one company to another. Normally there are as many prices as many removal companies are there. There are some obvious factors that make the price more expensive. These factors are the amount of furniture you have, the distance between the pick up and delivery location...

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house exchange

House exchange – How does it work?

There are several ways to move to a new house. If you are moving from and to a rented property, moving is very easy. You simply agree on your final day and before that you normally have plenty of days to move your items. However, when you sell your...

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hire a van

How much is it to hire a van?

Most of us believe that hiring a van for a day is way cheaper than hiring professional removals. And we are sure that in some cases, it is actually cheaper. However, we were curious of the actual costs and additional charges that may occur when hiring a van. As...

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