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how to move

How to move in 3 days?

Many of you think of moving as a big pain in the….back. As Christmas is approaching, most people would like to celebrate it in their new home, without keep unpacking and cleaning. It takes many long days and hard work, sometimes without break to get everything done. Packing, moving...

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Loading a van: how to do it like the pros?

Many of you who have used a removal company before know what a great feeling it is to not to worry about moving your items. No worries about scratching the furniture or the property, no heavy lifting and no muscle pain on the next day. However, we know it’s...

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moving don'ts

Moving Don’ts – Top things you shouldn’t do

There have been many posts about tips what you should do when moving. But what about the other side? Here is our top tips of moving don’ts, alias what you shouldn’t do during a move.   Moving don’ts 1: don’t say you have less than what you have Just...

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removals charge

How do removals charge?

There are as many different removal quotes as many removal companies exist. Almost every company charge their prices differently. As a result, it can be a real challenge to find the one that is not suspiciously cheap and also doesn’t ask for a horrific amount of money. However, there...

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long distance moves

Why are long distance moves so expensive?

Professional removal companies’ price are normally a bit expensive, but still affordable. However, when it comes to long distances, it seems like they charge a fortune. So why are long distance moves so expensive? First of all, what are long distance moves? Long distance moves are what they seem...

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