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COVID-19 – How to move house safely?

Although the newest Coronavirus is challenging us, some people still can’t choose not to move. In this really stressful time of the year it’s essential that our customers feel safe to move with us. As a result, apart from our brief update this morning, we have decided to write a blog post. In this blog post, we will detail how to move house safely with us?

Communication and quote request

In normal conditions, whenever someone is looking for a quote, we suggest a home survey. Home survey enables us to see how much items the customer has, so we can give a fix price for their move. However in these times, we provide an estimated quote for first, based on the list that the customer gives us and visit their home only if they are happy with our initial price. As a result, our customers will only need to open their doors to us, if they are happy with our price.

During the home survey, we don’t shake hands, keep the distance and won’t touch any of the customers belongings. It’s also recommended that a young, not vulnerable person should be present during the survey.

Alternatively, we are also suggesting video home surveys, so we can minimise the actual contact between us and the customer.







Move house safely – On the actual moving date

There are many safety measurements we use during a house removal.

1.) Whenever it’s possible we will work with a team of 2 people.

Being a family run business, we generally work with a small team. This normally means a team of 2-3 people, but no more than 5 at any one job. However, following the latest guidelines, we have decided to reduce the number of our team whenever it’s possible. As a result, there will be a maximum of 2 people in our team.

2.) Only one person should be present

Only one person should be present during the move, who we highly recommend to be a young person. We only need that person to be present 2 times during the move. First, in the beginning of the job, to show us again what we need to move. After that, in the new property we will only ask them where the furniture is going to. So, because we only need to talk to them, we are able to keep the necessary distance.

No elderly or vulnerable should be present during the move. If it’s unavoidable, an elderly can only be present in a separate room, where the team do not go to. This way the team can work without causing any risk to the elderly person.

3.) Move house safely – Using personal protective equipment

Using the right PPE is more important now than ever. All of our team members will be using disposable gloves throughout the move. They will use new gloves in your previous home when loading up your belongings. But to avoid transferring the virus, we will use new gloves at the new property.

However, it’s recommended that our customers are using these equipment as well. Gloves and masks are advised to be used in general, but they are essential for the vulnerable.





4.) Social distancing

Social distancing must be followed even if there is only a young person present during the move. There must be no physical contacts between the team members and with the customer.

5.) Sanitising touch points during the move

To move house safely it’s essential to minimise the risk of transferring the virus. As a result, maintaining the cleanliness throughout the move is crucial. We highly recommend to all of our customers to sanitise all touch points at both properties, in case our team has touched it. Those areas are door handles and railings.







6.) Move house safely – In your new home

Just like mentioned above, our team will use new gloves in the new property. Generally, we always put all your furniture to their desired place. However, in case an elderly or vulnerable person is present, who needs to be in a separate room, we will not be able to put all the furniture into their place, to avoid contamination.

As for the boxes, we will put all of them into the bathroom, in case they had traces of virus on them. Why? Bathrooms are normally have tiles on the floor and on the walls. As a result, the bathroom is the easiest room to sanitise after the boxes have been removed from there.

7.) Maintaining cleanliness

In these days we, GV Removals must maintain the cleanliness of our vehicles. As a result, after each job, our team does a thorough cleaning in our vans. They clean all surfaces, touch points including steering wheel, gear stick, handles and the walls inside the van. They also clean the equipment to minimise the risk of transferring the virus.


Everyone must stay at home so we can get through this virus quicker and get back our normal life. However, in case you have no other choice, we highly recommend you to follow our tips to ensure you can move house safely. If you have any other tips, please let us know so we can spread the word around. Should you have any questions or queries, do not hesitate to give us a call at any time and have chat with us. We are here to help.

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