Office Moves

Office moves can be a real hassle, especially because you want to stay organised. We understand how important it is to stay organised while moving an office. Not even mentioning to move all your precious items with care. There is nothing worst than having to buy new tools or furniture after move. Mainly when you try your best to reopen and operate again as quick as possible.

But don’t you worry for a moment! Our professional and experienced team will make sure they move all your items with the biggest care they can, ensuring you can relax even in the most stressful times.


How do office moves work? 

Our office moves work the similar way, how our house removals do. For first, we will go to your office to do an office survey. We will have a walk around your office with you, we will discuss what will we need to move for you. Based on that we will do a calculation of how much space all items and furniture will take. This will ensure, that we won’t ask any less or any more for the job, than what is necessary. Within 24-48hours, we will give you an exact price quote.


How many people helps with office moves?

Depending on how big is the office, we will move all items with a team of 3-10.
We will go to your office for the discussed time and our professional team will do the heavy lifting and all the hassle for you. By the time you notice, the office will be empty and everything will be ready to go to their new place.

Please feel free to message or call us with any of your requests and we will give you a free quote shortly.

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