Packing and Unpacking

In today’s running world we barely have enough time for ourselves. When it comes to packing and unpacking all your items, it can be a real struggle to find time for it. Getting your items ready for the move normally takes ages to get everything done. Especially when you want to make sure that your items will actually survive the journey. It is a real challenge!

Save yourself the time and hassle, and choose our Packing and Unpacking service!

Packing and unpacking everything takes hours or in most cases, days of work to get done, (especially when you have a big home). Not even mentioning that you will need to buy the packing materials as well. And, if you don’t want to spend a fortune, it will take another couple of hours research to get the best quality for the best price.


How does packing and unpacking work?

Packing service

Our team will visit your home on the discussed date, and will bring all the equipment that a packing requires. They will bring strong and durable, double-walled boxes, strong moving tapes and tape guns. Wrapping paper and large amount of bubble wrap for your fragile items will also be used. Our team has years of experience and many tips and tricks they learned during the years.  They will make sure your items will stay in one piece, no matter how long and how difficult the journey will be.

Unpacking service

Once our team has managed to move all your items to your new home, they will start unpacking. Meaning, that instead of many days of work will be done in 2 days! They pack everything on day one, move and unpack everything on day two. What is unpacking exactly? With this service, our team will take everything out of the boxes and remove all packing materials. They put all crockery and kitchen equipment onto the counter top, place all your clothes onto the beds, etc. As a result, the only thing you need to do is simply organise, where would you like to put your items. They will also take all boxes and packing materials with them, so you won’t need to worry about it either. 


Enjoy your home straight away, and skip spending days with packing and unpacking! Contact us to get a quick, no obligation quote! 

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