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Paint the walls & Freshen up your home

This time we’ve decided to share some personal experience from a few days back. If you read one of our latest blogs, you must remember that we’ve given some ideas of how to freshen up your home during the lockdown. Well, we have taken the idea one step further and decided that this extra free time gives us a great opportunity to paint the walls in our home. Was it a good idea?…Let’s see.

First of all, what equipment do you need to paint the walls?

The first and most important thing was to get all the equipment. We’ve done some research and grabbed all the necessary items. First, you need sugar soap to wash the walls with and remove all dirt. Second, you need some polyfilla to fill in all the wholes and cracks. You also need some sandpaper to smooth the filled areas so they all blend in and won’t stand out. Next, you need to grab your paint, white spirit, paintbrushes, rollers, roller tray, masking tape, and some old blankets or dust sheet to cover your floor. You’ll also need small buckets for paint and for white spirit, spatula to fill the holes and something to stir up the paint so it’ll be an even colour. Once you’ve got everything, you are good to go.





It all seemed easy

Whenever we watched someone painting, it never seemed to be a difficult thing to do. Fill in the holes, wash the walls, cover edges with masking tape, and start to paint. Pretty straight forward, right?

That’s what we thought as well, so we started the project. All steps went really smoothly, until we started to paint the walls. I think, most woman have an expectation in their mind about painting their home together with their other half: having loads of fun and laugh, just like those romantic scenes we see in the movies. Well, let me tell you that the reality was nowhere near to that. In one moment we thought there is too much paint on the wall, and on the next moment we thought there is nothing on it. Once we felt like: yes, we can do it! And one minute later we became desperate about the look of our wall. The paint just didn’t want to stay on the wall.. So instead of having fun and laugh, our days were filled with frustration and confusion every time we looked at the walls…





Questions going through our mind

Not long after we started, we’ve had many questions and thoughts going through our mind.

  • Why did we start it? Let’s just leave it as it is.
  • Is it too late to call for professionals? They worth every penny!.. I could never do their job.
  • If you look at it on a certain angle it’s not that bad.
  • Let’s take off the curtains to have some light. Oh, no, put back the curtains as it’s too bright in here! Shall I paint the wall again for the third time?
  • “Look, I’ve just painted this wall and it looks good!” Response: you’ve missed approximately 10 spots in a 40 inch area….


But why was it so difficult to paint the walls?

Being the first ever time that we painted the walls totally by ourselves, we didn’t know what to expect. However, we didn’t think it will take much time as the paint dries really quickly so we thought it takes about 1-1,5 days to get the job done. In general, most houses have a nice and smooth wall, which is really easy to paint. However, soon we found out that we were pretty unlucky as we have an “orange peel” wall. Let me tell you, that 1,5 days estimate was pretty naive.. It took us 3 days to finish only 1 room.

What is an orange peel wall like?

Smooth walls are just that, smooth and flat, all the way across. An orange peel wall has a texture that resembles the peel of an orange, for which it is named, and has bumps all over it. Whereas you can either paint or put wallpaper on a smooth wall, you can only paint an orange peel wall. The wallpaper would not only hide the wall’s appearance, but the orange peel bumps would be visible all over the wallpaper’s surface.




It’s wasn’t easy, but we’ve got there!

One thing for sure: it wasn’t as easy as it seemed like. Having an orange peel wall, it took us lots of time to figure out the right technique. However, we got there and it did worth every hour and day we spent on it. It was difficult, nerve-racking and we definitely need some time to get over it, but the final result is really satisfying. Conclusion: avoid going mentally insane and check your wall texture before starting to paint.



For the photos, thank you to www.freepik.com