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We also pride ourselves on offering Professional End of Tenancy Cleaning, as well as Oven Cleaning and Carpet Cleaning – All with a 10% discount if you choose any of them along with the removal service.

house-removal services

House Removals

We all know how stressful a house removal can be. Making sure everything is packed, everything arrives safe and sound, and trying to be as quick as possible: who would not be stressed about it?

Our professional and friendly team will make sure everything will be done by the time you notice it! Don’t forget, we offer RAF moves along with our other services!

office moves removal services

Office moves

Office moves can be a real hassle. We understand how important is to stay organised while moving an office and also to move your precious items with care. Our professional and experienced team will move all your items with the biggest care they can, ensuring you can relax even in the most stressful times.

man with van services

Man with a van service

Is there a furniture that you would like to get delivered?
A new sofa that would fit in your new home? A bigger fridge for the hungry family?  Or would you like us to deliver your exercise bike that you have just sold?
Don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be able to help you shortly.

parcel delivery

Parcel Delivery Services

Is there a parcel that must be delivered on the same day or in the next couple of days? Do you need a document to be delivered, signed and returned to you on the same day? Do you require overnight delivery? Our quick, flexible and reliable team will be able to help in any of these situations.

packing services

Packing and Loading Services

Working full time and having a massive house with loads of items? It must be a real challenge to pack all your items with full care and on time for the date of your move. So why not get it done for you? We’ll provide a team suitable for the size of your home, supply materials and pack all your items with extra care.

storage and removal service

Secure Storage

Are you looking to move some of your items or office equipment in storage? Not sure of which storage to use? Why would you go to different companies, when you can get done everything at the same place? Getting 10% discount on your storage prices is just the icing on the cake, right?

Please feel free to message or call us with any of your requests and we will give you a free quote shortly.

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